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04/04/11  Boozman Works to Prevent Possible Gas Tax Increase
04/04/11  Weekly Column: Our Country at a Crossroad
03/31/11  Boozman works to put America on path to energy independence
03/31/11  Boozman Recognized by U.S. Chamber of Commerce
03/31/11  Boozman Receives Visionary Award from Foundation Fighting Blindness
03/30/11  Boozman Honors “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”
03/29/11  ICYMI: Boozman presses balanced budget in ‘maiden’ Senate address
03/29/11  ICYMI: Boozman makes 1st Senate address
03/28/11  Boozman Delivers Maiden Speech
03/28/11  Weekly Column: Health Care Reform Turns 1: A Year of False Promises
03/28/11  ICYMI: Boozman Visits Spa City
03/25/11  Boozman Protects Second Amendment Rights
03/23/11  Boozman on Health Care Law Anniversary: This is not the Reform Americans Deserve
03/22/11  ICYMI: Boozman tours Albert Pike Campground
03/21/11  Weekly Column: Be “Red Cross Ready”
03/18/11  Boozman: Our Long-Term Fiscal Problems Need Long-Term Solutions
03/15/11  Boozman Signs Letter to Senate Majority Leader on Colombia and Panama Trade Agreements
03/14/11  Weekly Column: Countering the Rising Price of Gas
03/10/11  Boozman Recognizes Monette Student in Congressional Record
03/10/11  Boozman Recognizes Emerson High School Student in Congressional Record
03/09/11  Boozman Fights for Fiscal Responsibility
03/08/11  Boozman Urges President Obama to withdraw Berwick Nomination
03/08/11  Boozman-supported resolution honoring Vietnam veterans passes Senate
03/07/11  Boozman Honors the Life and Legacy of Mayor Ray Baker
03/04/11  Boozman works to prevent back-door cap-and-trade implementation
03/03/11  Pryor, Boozman, Womack Introduce Bill To Mint Coin Commemorating U.S. Marshals Service
03/02/11  Boozman Statement on Stop-Gap Funding Measure
03/02/11  ICYMI: Boozman: Mideast unrest should drive U.S. energy independence
03/01/11  Boozman Statement on Report Detailing Government Waste
02/28/11  Boozman Assigned Commerce, Science & Transportation Subcommittees
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