Request a U.S. Flag

My office will gladly assist you in obtaining a U.S. flag and we can request it be flown over the U.S. Capitol if you wish.  With your flag, you will receive a certificate to commemorate the event that can be customized with a person’s name, the occasion for which the flag is being flown, as well as the specific date it was flown.

The following is a list of prices for the available flags include shipping costs and the Architect of the Capitol flying fee.

3'x5' nylon - $32.80
3'x5' cotton - $33.80
4'x6' nylon - $36.80
5'x8' nylon - $45.80

5'x8' cotton - $46.80

(Please note: Prices for flags not flown over the Capitol are different. If you are requesting a flag that is not being flown over the Capitol, please contact my office for the price.).

Due to high demand and security delays, please send in your request and payment 6 weeks prior to the date you would like to have the flag flown. From the date your flag is flown, please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for its delivery

There are two options available to pay for your flag request: 

  • By Credit Card (Via This is the recommended way to pay for your order., which is linked below, is a U.S. Department of Treasury service for making secure electronic payments to federal government agencies. Please note that refunds for online orders cannot be processed after 24 hours following your order submission.

  • By Check or Money Order: If you would like to request a flag but do not want to utilize, you can pay by check or money order. Please contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-4843 for more information on how to submit a request by check or money order.