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I regularly host telephone town halls from my Washington, D.C. office. These events are live, interactive meetings conducted over the telephone at the touch of a button. This technology provides an excellent way for Arkansans around the state to share their thoughts on the issues we are debating in the Senate with me while I am working in Washington.

The time and date of my next telephone town hall will be announced soon.

Here’s how it works. 

1. Fill out the sign-up form below. 

Once you have signed up, your contact information is added to the database for the next call.

2. You will be called within 15 minute window after the next scheduled event begins. (NOTE: This page will be updated with the date and time of the next scheduled event once that becomes available.)

If you want to ensure that you are on the call from the very beginning, simply dial 888-400-1986 at the start of the next scheduled event. You may also use this number if you did not have the opportunity to sign-up in time, missed the incoming call or if you would rather bypass the sign-up process altogether.

3. Once you are on the line, you will be prompted to push a button to join the Telephone Town Hall.

After that, you are on the call. It’s that easy.

4. If you wish to ask a question and talk with me about an issue, there will be an additional prompt to follow.

If you press that prompt you are placed in the queue to ask a question. There’s no screening process and you can still listen to the entire call while you are essentially “in line” to talk.

5. At the end of the call, all remaining participants waiting in the the speaker queue will have an opportunity to leave their question in a voicemail that will returned by my staff.

Sign up today to make sure you are part of the next telephone town hall I host. I’m looking forward to having you join in the conversation.

Please note: The information provided here will be used solely for contacting you in the event of a telephone townhall.


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