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WASHINGTON, D.C. –U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) today said the key to getting the economy back on track is the pro-growth approach of The Jobs Through Growth Act.

The Jobs Through Growth Act combines several bills that reform the tax code, abolish burdensome regulations, eliminate wasteful spending, promote new markets for American exporters and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. 

When signing on as a cosponsor of the bill, Boozman called this approach “the right path to recovery.”

“Together as The Jobs Through Growth Act, these initiatives will spur job creation and lift the fog of uncertainty that is preventing an economic recovery in the private sector,” he said

“Until the private sector can flourish, we will not see long-term economic growth in Arkansas.  The President continues to focus on propping up states’ economies, which does not help for long-term recovery.  As evidenced by the previous ‘Stimulus’, when the federal money runs out, the job disappears. Our economy needs more than a band aid to recover.  It needs The Jobs Through Growth Act,” said Boozman.

“President Obama is on the road today touting ‘Stimulus II’, but his sales pitch is failing to resonate with the American people.  The reason for that is simple.  It is not the President’s sales pitch is not the problem, it’s his policy.  More government spending did not turn the economy around last time.  Doubling down on this approach won’t work either.  It is a bad idea that puts us no closer to economic recovery, which is why Americans are rejecting the President’s failed borrow, tax and spend policy,” continued Boozman.

Boozman said instead of funneling more money to states’ public sectors, Washington needs to pursue an agenda that fosters an environment where the private sector in these states can grow, invest and create jobs in the local communities.  

The Jobs Through Growth Act is the right approach to long-term economic recovery.  Job creation cannot happen in an environment of uncertainty, which is exactly what the Obama Administration’s policies of excessive spending and overregulation have created.   This bill combines a broad range of market-based solutions that will help turn the economy around by encouraging private sector job creation and economic growth,” Boozman said.

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