Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Our veterans deserve reliable, timely, and highest-quality health care services. Unfortunately, VA is struggling to meet the demand and that has cost our veterans timely medical care they need and earned. I am committed to ensuring that VA uses every available option it has to deliver on its mission for all Arkansas veterans who have earned this care. 

The VA launched an audit of its medical facilities in mid-May after allegations that veterans faced long wait times and data was manipulated in some facilities to hide the length of time for health appointments. 

The audit shows a clear need for immediate improvement. Our veterans who have been made less than whole as the result of their service have earned the right to the world-class care that VA is capable of providing, both in the VA system and in our local communities. We need to continue to strive for and implement reasonable solutions for all patients, especially for first-time patients an area where VA is really struggling, by eliminating the hurdles to being seen by a doctor. In some cases, the care they cannot access is for the treatment of conditions they incurred because of their service. To me, this is unacceptable and must be remedied. 

Arkansas facilities fared around the national average, but we can and need to do better. Read more about our state’s facilities in this AP story.