Dr. Boozman's Check-up

While we address the very important challenges we face as a nation, we cannot neglect what is perhaps our most important responsibility as public servants, helping our constituents.

I learned quickly during my tenure in the House of Representatives that if used properly, the power of the office truly can change lives for the better. When I was first elected to Congress as a member of the House in 2001, former Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt, who represented the Third District of Arkansas for 26 years, gave me some excellent advice.  He said: “John, always remember, now that the election is over, there are no more Republicans, no more Democrats, only the people of Arkansas and you need to take care of them.”

That is just as true now as it was then.

No matter what major legislative crisis we are facing, our goal is to make each constituent who is having trouble with a federal agency a priority. In some cases, we are the last resort to overcoming a major obstacle and we work to give each and every case that comes before us our attention. While Arkansans are familiar with the role U.S. Senators play in creating laws in Washington and making sure the voice of our state is represented in the nation’s capital, the less recognizable work of constituent service is equally important.

My staff works diligently in seven field offices around the state to meet the needs of Arkansans, acting as a liaison to help navigate the often confusing federal agencies. We also make it more convenient for Arkansans to reach our office by taking it on the road and hosting Mobile Office events across the state.

I am proud of the work my staff and I are able to do to help Arkansans who have run into roadblocks with government agencies. I have a great team with years of experience navigating the complex bureaucracy and getting answers that Arkansans are waiting for. We’ve been able to help thousands of people facing a wide range of problems involving federal government agencies including the Veterans Administration, Social Security, Medicare, international adoption, visas and taxes.

While constituent service work often gets little attention, it makes a real difference in the lives of people across the state. Our door is always open and we’re ready to offer our assistance. I encourage you to reach out to our office if you face problems with the federal government.

Watch the video below to see how my staff and I have been able to help Arkansans. In highlighting these stories, I hope that if you have similar problems you’ll turn to my office for assistance. My staff and I are ready to help you.

If you need assistance with a federal agency, learn more about how we can help.