Press Releases

WASHINGTON –U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) joined 13 Senators to introduce legislation to push back at action from a federal labor board to expand the scope of unions in the workplace. 

The Representation Fairness Restoration Act would prohibit unions from forming individual bargaining units within the same company consisting of as few as two or three workers, called “micro unions.” The legislation seeks to reinstate the 77-year-old standard for determining which groups of employees should constitute an appropriate bargaining unit. 

“I believe that National Labor Relations Board should not be in the driver seat when it comes to our nation’s workforce. Clearly, this is just another attempt, in a long laundry list of actions taken by this administration, to inject unfair and partisan decision-making into policies impacting American workers,” Boozman said

Since his time in office, Boozman has been supportive of efforts to rein in the overreaching actions of the National Labor Relations Board and has been supportive of legislation to combat the negative consequences of unions, including National Right to Work legislation.