Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Sutton Elementary School students visited with U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) with the click of a mouse on Monday, October 16.

The sixth graders talked with Boozman in the nation’s capital via Skype, an online video chat service.

“I always enjoy visiting with students and Skype calls like this one give me the opportunity to do that even when I’m working in Washington, D.C. This group asked great questions and I hope they feel inspired to pursue a life of public service and give back to their communities. I enjoyed hearing from them and sharing about my work in the Senate on behalf of Arkansas,” Boozman said.

“I am very excited my students had the opportunity to talk with Senator Boozman. We are thankful for Senator Boozman's time and that technology can close the gap tomake this happen. Our students thoughtfully prepared questions based on what they are learning about our government and current events. This is a learning experience that I'm sure they will remember for many years to come,” Sutton Elementary School Principal Jennie Mathews said.

Students asked a wide range of questions about Boozman’s role as a U.S. Senator including his advice for students interested in a career in public service.