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WASHINGTON – Star City Middle School students visited U.S. Senator John Boozman’s Washington office from their classroom with the click of a mouse on Monday, March 6.

Krista Cotton’s sixth grade social studies students talked with Boozman in the nation’s capital via Skype, an online video chat service.

“These students asked great questions. I hope this inspires these young Arkansans to a life of public service and to give back to the community. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with Star City Middle School sixth graders and share with them about my work in Washington,” Boozman said.

“It was such an honor to speak with Senator Boozman today. The students enjoyed the opportunity of asking him questions. I truly hope this inspires them to be active citizens and take part in our government concerns when they are older,” Cotton said.

Students asked a wide range of questions about Boozman’s work in the U.S. Senate from policies that he crafts to the citizens he represents.