Press Releases

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) is leading bipartisan efforts to modernize water infrastructure investment. In early February, Boozman introduced the Securing Required Funding for Water Infrastructure Now (SRF WIN) Act, legislation that would make the funding process easier and more affordable for states to meet their underserved or unmet water infrastructure needs. 

The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and the Arkansas Water Association support Boozman’s bill to modernize water infrastructure investment.

“…it will be a significant addition to the “SRF tool box” of financing options for water and waste water infrastructure.” – Bruce Holland, Executive Director Arkansas Natural Resources Commission

“With this additional funding avenue the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and other States Finance programs will be able to fund the many vetted infrastructure project proposals submitted by large and small communities in every state…” – Dennis Sternberg, CEO Arkansas Rural Water Association

Here are some other reasons why nationwide water and industry leaders support the SRF WIN Act:

“We believe the SRF programs remain the most effective means of providing municipalities the necessary support to build and improve water systems. We are heartened that your legislation recognizes the primary role of the SRFs in addressing this nation’s water infrastructure challenges.” Jeff Freeman, President Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities 

“The SRF WIN Act blends the most successful parts of SRFs and WIFIA to create a program that gives State Finance Authorities access to WIFIA loans for drinking and wastewater infrastructure projects. This program would offer a new and efficient tool to leverage limited federal resources and stimulate additional investment in our nation’s infrastructure while safeguard against any cuts to the existing SRFs and WIFIA programs.” – Kristina Swallow, 2018 President of the American Society of Civil Engineers

“With the availability of economical alternatives like water well systems and an affordable funding solution provided by the SRF Win Act, there should be no reason that every American should not have access to safe drinking water.” – Richard Mest, President Water Systems Council

“Providing State Finance Authorities with these WIFIA loans is the most effective and efficient means for the federal government to support water and wastewater construction projects in communities across the nation. Your legislation could not come at a more critical time for these communities.” – James Callhan, General President International Union of Operating Engineers

“This significant legislation will help communities across our nation maintain and enhance their drinking water infrastructure by providing much needed financial support.” William Mills, President American Public Works Association 

“The SRF WIN Act advances significant, fiscally responsible, investments in our nation’s water infrastructure and the Water Infrastructure Network urges all Members of the United States Senate to cosponsor and support the passage of this landmark legislation.” -Water Infrastructure Network

“…we believe that the innovative loan program in SRF WIN, which has already proven its potential through a pilot program, is critical to strengthening our water infrastructure.” – Jim Creevy, Vice President Government Relations, ABB 

“The SRF WIN Act provides for fiscally responsible investments in our nation’s critical water infrastructure that will improve US competitiveness in the long-term and support US manufacturing jobs in the near-term.” Karl Lobry, Director of Operations Danfoss 

“…this legislation that will help small communities access additional WIFIA and SRF funding for much-needed water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades integral to economic growth in rural America.” Nathan Ohle, Executive Director Rural Community Assistance Partnership 

“….we look forward to working with you to advance the SRF WIN Act to address the substantial backlog of water projects and preserve the existing role that the SRF serves.” Denis Bilodeau, President Orange County Water District

“The SRF WIN Act offers a useful complement to the existing SRF and WIFIA programs by providing states with an additional low-cost financing tool for recycled water systems that otherwise find it difficult to access necessary funds for investments.” – Patricia Sinicropi, Executive Director WateRuse Association