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We celebrate America’s freedoms this weekend, but one beacon of liberty, some worry, could soon be snuffed out—the military newspaper, "Stars and Stripes." 

It has been a dependable, welcome mainstay for our troops, but the military newspaper “Stars and Stripes” could be lowered forever…

…”This newspaper does such a good job of really focusing on things that are so important to the soldiers, and you just can't find that any other place, so I'm very supportive of keeping it,” said Arkansas Senator John Boozman, who grew up reading his Air Force father’s copies is fighting to save "Stars and Stripes."

He wants the presses to continue rolling. “These reporters a report the facts.  Sometimes, the facts are a little bit uncomfortable in is so it's another way. of accountability. We all need accountability.” 

Full story (w/video): https://video.foxnews.com/v/6169357868001#sp=show-clips