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WASHINGTON––U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) joined guest host Charles Payne on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss record-high gas prices and call on the Biden administration to increase production of U.S. energy to help bring costs down.


Partial Transcript

Boozman on the impact of rising gas prices on consumers: “Americans are feeling this directly. When you go to the pump and fill your car up, and it’s over $100 now, that truly is a crisis. And rarely do you have crises where the answer is staring you in the face…We need to drill more, we need the permitting process to be relaxed instead of strengthened – like they’re doing right now. Also, we need to make it such that the pipelines are allowed to operate the way they should. Increased supply is going to decrease costs. That’s just a simple truth.” 

Boozman on the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats shifting blame: “They want to blame everybody but themselves. The other issue that’s going on right now is that diesel is up $2 a gallon…Everything we use is trucked in or railed in, using diesel. That is dramatically increasing the price of everything. I’m very active in the farm community. Fertilizer costs are up dramatically because of natural gas. All of this is just snow balling, and as a result, what you’re doing is you’re taking away Americans’ disposable income. They don’t have money to buy other things because they’re having to buy the necessities that cost so, so much more than they used to.”

Boozman on if Democrats are telling the White House to recognize the collateral damage of its energy policies: “We as Republicans are talking to our colleagues across the aisle. But I think the biggest people that are speaking up are the people when they go home. You know, what is this doing to a single mom that’s struggling in the first place? What does it do to people on fixed incomes? No one is keeping up with inflation, but the people they talk the most about helping – which we should be helping – those are the people, as you point out, that are being damaged the most.”