Dr. Boozman's Check-up

In 1912, Arkansas Children’s Hospital was known as the Arkansas Children’s Home Society.  It was a safe haven for orphaned and abused children.  Today, Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) has become one of the most respected pediatric hospitals in the country.  

Serving children from birth to twenty-one, this facility is a destination for children from all over the country to receive the excellent care that the more than 500 physicians and almost 4,000 support staff offer. This hospital consistently ranks as one of the leading employers in Arkansas. It is the only pediatric Level I trauma center in the state, and it is the sixth largest in the United States.  Thousands of Americans have experienced the renowned care offered by the staff and facilities at ACH—many owe their lives to these world-class doctors and nurses that make up this fine institution.  

In the mission statement, ACH’s “vision is to become internationally recognized as a leader in pediatric biomedical research.”  I would say that on its 100 birthday, it has achieved unmatched success in this endeavor and I hope for continued success for another 100 years. 

I wish to congratulate Dr. Jonathan Bates, President & CEO, as well as the administration, physicians, residents, and support staff on the 100th anniversary of ACH.  This hospital is something the people of Arkansas can be proud of, both its history and vision for the future.