Dr. Boozman's Check-up

As Arkansans, we understand what it means to give back to our communities – particularly during times of hardship. As a state and a community, we support each other and lift each other up. 

AmeriCorps offers Arkansans an opportunity to further engage in community service through intensive service positions. Many of these roles include community rebuilding efforts after tornadoes and storms, improving schools, providing health services, and supporting our military families and veterans. More than 820,000 men and women serve in AmeriCorps, committing over 1 billion hours of service. 

This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps. Since its founding, more than 80,000 Arkansans have been affected by the service of AmeriCorps members. I’m proud that AmeriCorps operates in all of Arkansas’s 75 counties. I am grateful to the dedicated men and women who provide life changing services to members of our community and would like to thank them for their commitment to Arkansas and AmeriCorps. 

These volunteers are our friends, family and neighbors. They exemplify true humanitarian spirit and impact the lives of Arkansans and other Americans. We are proud of their commitment and their devotion to serving others through their efforts. I offer my sincere appreciation to all of the men and women who have served and are serving to make a difference in our communities.