Dr. Boozman's Check-up

When Arkansans visit Washington, D.C., I strive to make their trips enjoyable and memorable. However, due to growing health and safety concerns relative to the evolving COVID-19 coronavirus, it is important to note that public visits and tours of many of the popular sites in Washington have been suspended.

Please consult the list below for the current visitation status of sites. If you have additional questions, please call my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-4843.

U.S. Capitol Building
Status: Closed to the public until further notice.
Check for updates: https://www.visitthecapitol.gov/plan-visit/book-tour-capitol

White House
Status: Out of an abundance of caution, White House tours are suspended until further notice.
Check for updates: Call my Washington, DC office at 202-224-4843.

U.S. Supreme Court
Status: Closed to the public until further notice.
Check for updates: https://www.supremecourt.gov/announcements/COVID-19.aspx

Library of Congress
Status: The Library of Congress is celebrating the return of visitors to the Thomas Jefferson Building. 
Check for updates: https://www.loc.gov

FBI Headquarters
Status: Closed to all visitors until further notice.
Check for updates: https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/fbi-headquarters/the-fbi-experience