Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Today I want to share the story about an organization that was established by Dr. Merlin Augustine in honor and appreciation of his parents, Merlin Sr. and Nora Augustine.

Growing up Dr. Augustine had great role models who were always showing compassion during a time when there were no social programs to assist those in need. M & N Augustine epitomizes the spirit of the way Dr. Augustine’s parents lived when they were raising their family in Louisiana. Merlin Sr. was a janitor who raised sweet potatoes and sugar cane on the family farm. Salary may have been meager for a man with a wife and six children, but he never hesitated to help out a neighbor who was in need -- or offer his son's bedroom when a family needed shelter. Merlin Jr. thought his father was too generous, but eventually he came to understand it wasn't enough to toss a check in the collection plate. He had to do more, and that's what the M&N Foundation aims to do.

The M&N Augustine Foundation is a nonprofit organization helping people who have nowhere else to go and in need of assistance with food, clothing, medicine and shelter. The M&N Augustine Foundation has helped people all the way from Fayetteville to Africa. The Foundation’s outreach to feed the hungry is celebrated with volunteers throughout Northwest Arkansas the Saturday before Easter with its annual Easter Feed. This year was the 22nd year of this event. More than 6,000 people were supported by this effort.

I am proud to highlight the M&N Augustine Foundation for its faith-based outreach. Numerous organizations and individuals throughout our communities and the country are motivated by their faith to help others. People of faith often serve tirelessly behind the scenes to better our communities. Join me today by celebrating those who have generously given back to our community and recognize their faithful acts of service. Let’s #FaithitForward.