Dr. Boozman's Check-up

The Keystone XL Pipeline would not only add more to the energy supply of our country, it would pave the way for hundreds of thousands of American jobs overtime, including hundreds immediately in Arkansas.

Unfortunately, last month President Obama delayed his decision on the permit to build this until after the 2012 election, despite the Administration spending three years reviewing the Keystone XL permit and conducting two comprehensive environmental evaluations of the project.

We’re seeing the impact of this delay in Arkansas. Little Rock’s Welspun Tubular Company, hired to help manufacture the pipe, is now forced to lay off employees.

“We had to make a staffing reduction with some of the temporary employees. Due to the KXL pipeline not being shipped out. We have 500 miles of pipe just sitting in the yard, expected to be shipped out, that some of the employees were working on," President Dave Delie told Fox16 on Tuesday.  

I am a strong supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline and I’m working with my colleagues to move this important project forward. Jobs need to be our number one priority. That’s why I am a cosponsor of the North America Energy Security Act, legislation that would reverse President Obama’s delay in granting a permit and require a construction permit to be issued within 60 days of passage.