Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Thank You Nurses

May 07 2014

Nurses play an important role in our healthcare system. They are on the frontlines of administering care, providing patient assistance and responding to emergencies. The 3.1 million nurses nationwide are the largest providers of healthcare in the country. 

Having worked with nurses for a number of years as a medical professional I understand the critical service they deliver to patients and how important they are to physicians. As we observe National Nurses Week, we recognize the commitment, dedication and the lives nurses touch through caregiving, research and health education. 

In Arkansas we are reminded of the importance of nurses to our community and our country’s history through the help of the Red Cross. Before Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross, she was a nurse who risked her life to help injured Civil War soldiers. We see the commitment Barton instilled in the American Red Cross continue today and the important help the Red Cross provides in disaster stricken areas after tornadoes recently took lives, devastated homes and tore apart communities in central Arkansas. 

I was blessed to experience first-hand the type of support, compassion and dedication the nursing profession routinely provides during my recent stay at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas. These talented men and women provided such excellent care for me in such a thoughtful manner that they not only provided comfort for me but also my family in the days following my surgery. I am grateful to have these talented nurses help me on my road to recovery. 

They are just some of the 23,550 registered nurses practicing in Arkansas who offer critical assistance to patients every day. Nurses are on the frontlines of healthcare delivery and are often the first line of communication when something is wrong or we have questions about our health. They are a beacon of hope when people are at their most vulnerable. Their tireless, hands-on work helps save lives. They are our healthcare heroes. 

Nurses are uniquely situated in our healthcare system to offer practical improvements to healthcare delivery, patient service and emergency response. They are more than just healthcare providers. They wear many hats. Nurses are truly a gift from God. During National Nurses Week, I am pleased to recognize them and all they do for their patients and for all they have done for me.