Dr. Boozman's Check-up

An Overdue Honor

Jul 01 2011

On Monday, a 66-year old oversight was corrected.

87-year old Mansfield resident, Ralph “Lloyd” McDonald, was presented with the Bronze Star, an award given for heroic or meritorious service, by my Military & Veterans Liaison Steve Gray.  Mr. McDonald, who served as an infantryman during World War II, was injured on the battlefield on three different occasions.  He was also captured by German forces and held as a prisoner of war for almost a month.

Steve presented the medal to Mr. McDonald during a ceremony held before 75 friends, family members and neighbors at the Hartford Senior Center.  The Southwest Times-Record was on-hand to cover the ceremony and you can read their report here.

If nothing else, please take a moment to read the letter I prepared for the ceremony.  It is an amazing story of courage and patriotism, the kind of story that exemplifies the Greatest Generation.

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