Dr. Boozman's Check-up

I recently stopped by the Comcast Newsmakers studios to talk about the need to rein in the excessive federal spending and pass a spending mechanism--such as a Balanced Budget Amendment--to prevent us from having a fiscal crisis on par with that of Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

If you live in the Little Rock media market and are a Comcast customer, you can catch my interview on CNN Headline News airing at the following times:

Monday, July 18th – 7:24am and 12:24pm
Tuesday, July 19th – 8:24am and 1:24pm
Wednesday, July 13th & 20th – 9:24am and 2:24pm
Thursday, July 14th & 21st – 10:24am and 3:24pm
Friday, July 15th & 22nd – 11:24am and 2:24pm
Saturday, July 16th & 23rd – 8:24am and 2:24pm
Sunday, July 17th & 24th – 10:24am and 1:24pm

You can also stream the entire interview from my site.

Thanks to the kind folks at Comcast Newsmakers for inviting me on and thanks to each of you for taking the time to watch this interview.