Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Small businesses play an integral role in securing the success of our economy. They represent core values that are at the heart of America. That is why this week we are celebrating National Small Business Week. This is a national initiative to encourage the support of our nation’s small businesses. 

Small businesses are the engines of our economy. Small businesses represent the hard working middle class. By supporting small businesses, we reinvest in our local economy and support more jobs in our communities. Over the past two decades, small business owners have created more than sixty-five percent of the new jobs in the United States. They employ about half of all private sector employees, and create two out of every three jobs in the U.S. each year. They also represent key American values such as the value of hard work, the capacity to take risks, and the opportunity for success. 

In Washington, we need to provide small business owners with predictability. Right now, these business owners are operating in an environment of uncertainty. If they don’t know the rules of the game, how are they expected to make the types of sound investment decisions that create jobs? Washington needs to rein in federal spending, reform our tax code, and reduce regulatory burdens, then we will realize the true private sector job creation and economic growth that small businesses generate. 

At home, an easy way to support this initiative is to buy local products and to hire local contractors for the services you need.  By supporting American small businesses, each of us can help revitalize our economy, and strengthen this backbone of our economy.