Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Is there someone in your community that is deserving of a unique honor for their selfless service to others?

Maybe someone you know displayed immense bravery and committed a courageous act that saved the lives of others.  Or, maybe it is someone who has spent their lives serving others to no fanfare.   Here is your opportunity to recognize their selfless contributions.  You can celebrate the heroism that symbolizes the American spirit by nominating an unsung American hero that you know for a Citizen Service Before Self Honors.

Citizen Service Before Self Honors are unique, because they are presented to unsung heroes by our nation’s most honored heroes—our Medal of Honor recipients.  There are fewer than 100 living recipients of our nation’s highest award for valor and that small community unfortunately got smaller yesterday with the passing of our Senate colleague and Medal of Honor recipient, Daniel Inouye.  Every year they select three extraordinary Americans from the nominees to receive the Citizen Service Before Self Honors.

When you have a moment, please take the time to read some of the incredible stories of recent recipients of Citizen Service Before Self Honors.  If you know anyone with a similar inspirational story in your community, there is still time to nominate them for the 2013 honors.  Nominations can be submitted online at www.citizenservicebeforeselfhonors.org until December 28th