Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Say a series of leaks that could strengthen the President’s image in the War on Terror had taken place.  Say those same leaks exposed classified material that could compromise national security.  One would think those breaches should rise to the level of a serious investigation, right? Apparently not in the mind of our Attorney General.

Rather than naming an outside special counsel to investigate these leaks and hold whomever is responsible accountable, Attorney General Eric Holder turned the investigation over to two U.S. Attorneys within the Department of Justice.  So, essentially, he delegated the important task of investigating leaks of classified and highly sensitive information on U.S. military and intelligence plans, programs, and operations to his own employees.

At the same time, the Attorney General has spent the more than a year obstructing the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of the DOJ’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation.  His lack of cooperation in that investigation has left him facing a contempt charge from the committee.

And you wonder why we question the sincerity of his department’s “investigation” into the leaks.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this very serious breach, my colleagues and I introduced a resolution demanding the Attorney General appoint an outside special counsel run the investigation.  This shouldn’t be necessary, but the reality is the DOJ under President Obama and AG Holder’s leadership has been far from forthcoming on these matters.

AG Holder needs to remember that neither he nor anyone with the administration is above the law.  I strongly suggest he quit stonewalling and start working on behalf of the American people instead of against them.