Dr. Boozman's Check-up

I took to the Senate floor this morning to raise concerns about the President's national and homeland security strategies, particularly whether the Administration is committed to taking action on radical Islamic terrorists like ISIS and the President's instance on requiring Congress to fund his unconstitutional executive order on immigration.


"Given the severity of the threat posed by ISIS, not to mention the continuing efforts of al-Qaeda to strike again, you would think a plan to take on radical Islam would be a focal part of the President’s national security plan. It’s not. In fact, there is no mention of radical Islam in the document at all." 

"They're holding up the entire bill, threatening to shut down DHS to protect the President's priorities. Not because the funding is too low, not because programs need reforms. Their complaint is that the President isn't getting what he wants. I encourage them to relent on their filibuster so we can debate the bill, make changes if the chamber sees fit and send it to the President. If the President truly wants immigration reform, then do it the right way and work with Congress to get it done. Don't go about it on your own unconstitutionally and then threaten to shut down a department charged with protecting Americans. It's out of touch but it's not the first time this Administration's priorities have been at odds with those of the American people."

"Preventing ISIS from achieving its goal takes a clear, forceful security strategy both abroad and at home. What the President has put forward is neither."

Watch my speech in its entirety below.