Dr. Boozman's Check-up

FLASHBACK:  August 3, 2010.

On this date in history, The New York Times ran an opinion piece authored by Treasury Secretary Tim Geither entitled “Welcome to the Recovery”.  Meant to help sell President Obama’s “Stimulus” bill, the Geither–penned piece was part of a larger PR campaign the Administration dubbed “Summer of Recovery”.

Let’s see how “well” that has worked.

This time last year, the nation’s unemployment rate was at an alarming 9.5%. 

Almost a year later, at 9.2%, the numbers aren’t much better.

The most incriminating number is where the national unemployment rate stood in February 2009, when President Obama signed the “Stimulus” into law.  On that date in history, the 8.2% unemployment rate was whole percentage point lower than it is today.

This summer the focus is still on job creation.  If we had done it right the first time— instead of the “Stimulus”—more Americans would be working this summer.