Dr. Boozman's Check-up

We've had a great morning that started with talking to Arkansas radio stations in Jonesboro and Fordyce.

If you missed the interviews you can listen here. We discussed a variety of topics from legislation we’re cosponsoring to foreign affairs and the JOBS Bill the Senate is debating.

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  • KBJT-KQEW March 2012 - KBJT_KQEW.mp3 (2.6 MBs)
    We talked with Paul in Fordyce about the JOBS Bill currenlty on the Senate floor, community banks and legislation we are supporting in addition to the upcoming Supeme Court hearing on Obamacare.
  • KASU March 2012 - KASU.mp3 (1.9 MBs)
    We talked with Mark Smith at Jonesboro's KASU about recently introduced Second Amendment legislation, opening up African markets to American exports, the recenlty passed Marshals coin bill and foreign affairs.