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Sen. John Boozman told Unity Health officials Wednesday “there is still a lot of money in the pipeline” to make sure health care workers have the resources going forward to do a great job protecting themselves and to provide the best patient care imaginable.

Boozman, Arkansas’ senior U.S. senator, spent the early morning at Unity Health’s south campus on Main Street thanking health care workers on the front line for all they have been doing in the age of COVID-19.

“In the CARES [Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security] Act, a lot of money was provided,” Boozman said. “... When you talk about those kind of sums, it’s actually difficult to push it through the channel, so we push it out of the federal government into the state sometimes directly but it just takes a while to get through that pipeline, so there’s still dollars in the pipeline.

Full story: https://www.thedailycitizen.com/news/sen-john-boozman-talks-covid-19-salutes-heroes-at-unity-health/article_151133b8-d47d-55e6-9934-d023a94354b4.html