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WASHINGTON -- Congress will move swiftly to aid American workers, a move aimed at averting coronavirus-related economic calamity, Sen. John Boozman said Tuesday.

"The effort is is to try and get money into people's hands as quickly as possible," the Republican from Rogers said.

The precise delivery method, has yet to be determined, he noted.

Inaction isn't an option, he said.

"I think if the government did nothing, we would have massive business failure throughout our country. As a result of the massive business failure, then you'd have massive bank failures," he said.

The consequences, he said, would be felt around the globe.

The strain, already, has been substantial, he said.

The "complete business infrastructure of our country" is coping with an unprecedented challenge, he said. "Every segment of society right now is being affected."

"There are so many people now that are finding themselves either underemployed or unemployed, and as a result of that they have a liquidity problem . ... They can't pay their bills. They can't pay their rent," he said.

The list of economic casualties is already long. Small businesses, nonprofit groups and churches are all suffering, he said.

Even hospitals have been hammered, he said.

Non-elective surgeries have been canceled and frightened potential patients are already steering clear of the facilities, he said.

While the coronavirus' economic casualties are already apparent, the toll on the nation's health is still uncertain, he said.

"I think the next two or three weeks are critical," he said.

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