Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Harrisburg Elementary School students visited U.S. Senator John Boozman’s Washington office from their classroom with the click of a mouse.

The fourth graders talked with Boozman in the nation’s capital via Skype, an online video chat service. Students asked the senator a wide range of questions about his work as a U.S. Senator and why he chose a life of public service.

Click here to watch Boozman’s response to one student who asked ‘What is your favorite part of being a senator?’

"We are grateful that Senator Boozman chose Harrisburg Elementary to skype with. This has given our students an opportunity to see beyond the classroom walls. It has brought great excitement to our students knowing he is impacting Arkansas history and they get to speak with him,” Harrisburg fourth grade teachers said.

“These fourth graders had some great questions. They were interested in learning about how I serve the people of Arkansas as a member of Congress. I hope this inspires these young Arkansans to a life of public service and to give back to the community. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with these students and share with them about my work in Washington,” Boozman said.

The fourth grade students are learning about elections and the responsibilities of office holders. The class will host its own mock election for class President and Vice President.