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WASHINGTON – Rivercrest Elementary School students visited U.S. Senator John Boozman’s Washington office from their classroom with the click of a mouse.

The fifth graders talked with Boozman in the nation’s capital via Skype, an online video chat service.

“I am very thankful and appreciative that Senator Boozman took time out of his busy schedule to visit with my students. We were so excited that our class was chosen for this Skype! We had a great unit centered around the 2016 Presidential Election where the students learned about the candidates and where they stood on issues, they filled out voter registration cards, and cast their votes in our mock election. We also learned about other political races, including Senator Boozman’s campaign. It was great that the students could connect that learning to a real-world experience. Technology allows us to travel beyond our walls and experience things that were once unrealistic and you don’t get that from a textbook. My kids will never forget their Skype with Senator Boozman,” Eva Griffin, Rivercrest fifth grade teacher, said.

“It was a pleasure connecting with these young Arkansans and sharing with them about the work I do on their behalf in Washington. Having this opportunity to teach these fifth graders about public service is a great honor. These students are the future of our country. It’s never too early to inspire these future leaders to get involved in giving back to the community,” Boozman said.

Students asked the senator a wide range of questions about his work as a U.S. Senator.