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WASHINGTON––Amid National Drug Court Month and on the heels of news a record number of Americans died of drug overdoses last year, U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) is highlighting the efficacy of drug courts to successfully treat substance use disorders, leading participants into recovery and out of the justice system.

Boozman honored over 130 Benton County Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court graduates from over the last two years during a ceremony on Friday. 

“An investment in drug courts is an investment in jobs, lives saved, and our financial future,” Boozman said. “It’s a privilege to get to partner with you on getting our family, friends and neighbors the support and care they need in a very deliberate and effective way.” 

Drug and veterans treatment courts across Arkansas and throughout the country offer an alternative to jail through strenuous and thorough rehabilitation programs.

According to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, about 60 percent of drug court participants complete at least 12 months of treatment, compared to only 10 percent of probationers and parolees, proving drug courts are reducing crime and substance use, breaking the cycle of recidivism and keeping families together.

Boozman praised Benton County Circuit Judge Thomas Smith and his staff for their efforts in making the program an exemplary success that changes lives and generates significant cost-savings.

“The data shows you all have much higher success rates than the traditional justice system: a 90 percent graduation rate and only a 15 percent re-offense rate,” Boozman said of Benton County’s programs. “Not only is that a great story to tell in the lives of the over 1,100 individuals and 70 veterans who have been impacted here, but it’s also a good thing in the sense that it saves our state vast amounts of resources – tens of millions of dollars every year, in fact.”