Press Releases

WASHINGTON – The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of the nation’s leading health care companies and organizations, recognized U.S. Senator John Boozman as a ‘Champion of Healthcare Innovation.’ 

“I am proud to promote innovation in the healthcare industry to ensure that Americans receive the access to medical care they deserve, no matter where they live. I will continue to fight for cost-effective solutions that put patients and health professionals in charge of medial decisions. I greatly appreciate this recognition from the Healthcare Leadership Council,” Boozman said.

“As we strive to conquer illness, elevate population health and make our healthcare system more affordable and sustainable, the answer lies in dynamic and continual innovation,” Healthcare Leadership Council President Mary R. Grealy said. “For this to happen, we need federal policies that encourage progress and new breakthroughs in care. We applaud Senator Boozman for the leadership, vision and commitment that patients and healthcare consumers need.”