Press Releases

WASHINGTON –U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) received the International Foodservice Distributors Association’s (IFDA) 2014 Thomas Jefferson Award for his work to strengthen the free enterprise system. 

IFDA noted Boozman’s support of efforts to reign in federal spending, repeal Obamacare, elimination of the death tax and other issues important to our nation’s prosperity, the industry and consumers. 

“Senator Boozman has taken positive votes on legislation to support job growth, the private sector and free market principles. The Thomas Jefferson Award is the foodservice distribution industry’s way of recognizing and thanking legislators who are committed to the Jeffersonian vision of a strong free enterprise system with limited government involvement in the economy,” IFDA President and CEO Mark S. Allen said. “Our member companies are pleased to have this opportunity to recognize the work that Senator Boozman and all of the Thomas Jefferson Award recipients are doing in Washington to enact policies that will return our nation to prosperity.”  

“We need to promote policies that encourage businesses to expand and employers to hire more hardworking Americans. Free market solutions will put our economy on a sound fiscal track. I am honored by this recognition and will continue to promote commonsense policies that allow free enterprise to grow,” Boozman said. 

The award honors legislators who work to strengthen our nation’s economic prosperity and the free enterprise system. During each Congress, IFDA presents the Thomas Jefferson Award to Senators and Representatives who vote in support of efforts to increase economic opportunities and reduce government regulations. The award is based on voting records of the first session of the 113th Congress.