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WASHINGTON—As the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group continues to spread its global reach and attack innocent civilians, protecting the American public has to be “the number one job” for lawmakers in Washington, U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) told Roby Brock during an appearance on Talk Business & Politics over the weekend.

Boozman said that the American public does not feel that the Obama administration has an effective plan to protect us here at home and defeat ISIS abroad.

“The President of France called this an act of war by Islamic terrorists. Sadly, our president is calling it a ‘setback.’ We don’t want any ‘setbacks’ occurring in this country. So I think you look at military strikes, you leave everything on the table, but you act appropriately with our allies,” Boozman said.

Watch the wide-ranging interview that that touched on topics ranging from ISIS to the highway bill below.