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WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator John Boozman today voted to repeal the Federal Communications Commission’s rules to regulate the internet and broadband industry practices, more commonly referred to as ‘net neutrality.’

Last December the FCC approved net neutrality restrictions, essentially reversing the successful government hands-off approach that has helped the Internet flourish. This government power-grab will stifle innovation, investment and ultimately job growth. The motion failed which means net neutrality regulations will go into effect on November 20th unless Congress takes further steps to stop this overreach.

Boozman spoke on the Senate Floor yesterday in support of nullifying the rules.

The following is the speech as prepared for delivery:

Mr. President, I rise in support of S.J. Res 6 which seeks to put an end to the FCC’s misguided net neutrality rules. 

The FCC’s rules regulating the internet are yet another in a series of unnecessary and economically harmful regulations from President Obama’s Administration.  These rules will stifle innovation, investment and ultimately jobs.  And they are a continuation of this administration’s obsession with picking winners and losers in almost every marketplace.

We live in a world where we no longer have to wait for the morning edition of the paper to read the latest news. We don’t have to wait for a delivery from the postman to get a message from a loved one.  We don’t have to get in our car and head to a store to get a movie to watch or to shop for clothes, books and groceries. We have the ability to do these from the comfort of our homes thanks to the Internet. 

It is clear the Internet has changed the way we live. This tool helps promote and encourage economic growth, facilitates innovation and reshapes the way we do business all while creating millions of jobs. This was able to happen because of the government’s hands-off policy. 

The Federal Communications Commission admits that the “Internet has thrived because of its freedom and openness,” then why is this agency is taking steps to limit the openness and freedom of the Internet? 

Last December the FCC voted to impose ‘net neutrality’ rules to regulate the Internet. This is nothing more than government interference that threatens small providers and forces networks to operate its services in ways determined by unelected bureaucrats. 

What’s worse is the FCC is working to fix a problem it acknowledges doesn’t exist. The agency is relying on speculation of future harm. This attack on the Internet is irresponsible governing. 

While our economy struggles, the Internet remains a beacon of light that continues to grow, but this rule risks stifling innovation, investment and jobs. A study by a telecom economist with the Brattle Group found net neutrality rules could lead to a job loss of 340,000 in the broadband industry within the next ten years. This is not the type of policies we need to adopt, especially as our country stares at 9% unemployment. 

That’s why I am supporting S.J. Res 6, which will put a stop to the FCC’s misguided net neutrality rules.