Press Releases

WASHINGTON- National Write Your Congressman awarded U.S. Senator John Boozman the Constituent Service Award in recognition of his outstanding dedication to constituent service. 

“In order to represent the people of Arkansas, I need to hear their voice. One of my primary roles to is respond to those people who take the time to reach out to me. I appreciate hearing from Arkansans through emails, phone calls and letters because this shows me what is important to the citizens of our state. It is my goal to respond to those who take the time to reach out and be proactive in our government and I encourage Arkansans to let me know how they feel about the issues and policies debated in Congress,” Boozman said.    

Boozman has made attention to individual constituents a top priority. In an office that handled more than 35,000 pieces of mail in the past four months, this level of individual attention is a constant challenge. Since assuming Senate responsibilities in January, Boozman continues the devotion to constituent service that defined his work in the House of Representatives, often taking time to hand signs letters and jot personal notes to Arkansans. 

For Boozman, the effort for conscientious communication with Washington is a two-way street. And he is dedicated to continuing his tradition of personal communication with constituents. 

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