Press Releases

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-Arkansas) issued the following statement on the two year anniversary of the ‘stimulus.’

“The ‘stimulus’ has been a failure since day one. It never addressed the core issues of our economic problems; job protection and creation and protection of pension plans. White House expectations of job creation from this flawed legislation fell flat. The administration’s latest numbers show this infusion of money created less than 16 percent of the anticipated jobs for Arkansans.

“While disguised as a job creator, this was nothing more than a spending bill. The American taxpayers rely on Congress to oversee their hard earned money and the actions we take must show that we are good stewards of tax dollars. Arkansans understand that we can’t borrow and spend our way to prosperity. Now we’re left with broken promises and an unprecedented debt passed to our future generations.”