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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR), a member of the Senate Budget Committee, questioned Office of Management and Budget Director nominee U.S. Representative Mick Mulvaney during his confirmation hearing today about government spending and the need to reduce our nation’s debt.

Boozman, who is also member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, highlighted the broken budget and appropriations process and the problems plaguing government agencies to fight wasteful spending when faced with budget uncertainty. He asked Mulvaney about what he intends to do to make the process more efficient in order to save money.

“Reinvigorating the regular appropriations process should be, not only a priority of Congress, but I hope to help make it a priority for the administration,” Mulvaney said to Boozman. “I’m hopeful that you will have whatever support you need from the White House in order to reinvigorate the appropriations process.”

In 2016, all 12 appropriations bills were reported out of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The appropriations process was brought to a grinding halt as Democrats blocked debate of the bills on the Senate floor.