Press Releases

WASHINGTON-U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) released the following statement on Senate passage of the chamber’s bill to provide additional resources to address the humanitarian and security crisis at our southwest border.

“House Democrats certainly seem to want to talk at great lengths about the humanitarian crisis at the border, but judging from the bill they passed, seem to have little desire to actually address it.

The Senate bill, while far from perfect, allocates ample resources to provide care for unaccompanied children, basic necessities—such as food, shelter and medical care—for migrants and the capabilities to process immigration cases while detaining dangerous individuals. Unlike the House version, the Senate bill passed in an overwhelmingly bipartisan manner, contains no poison pills and has the potential to be signed into law. 

The Senate has shown that Republicans and Democrats working together can find solutions. House Democrats clearly have a choice—play political games or govern. I suggest they follow our lead and do the latter.”