At a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on Farming and Climate Change, Senator Boozman – who serves as Ranking Member of the committee in the 117th Congress – delivers his opening statement.

The senator explains that U.S. farmers will continue to lead the world in making advancements to improve the environmental sustainability of our food system and that exciting new opportunities to compensate farmers and foresters for these environmental gains hold promise. However, he cautions, the current reality is farmers must navigate complex barriers in order to access this uncertain marketplace. For this new opportunity to be viable for producers and forest owners, the benefits must outweigh the risks and costs they take on.

Senator Boozman went on to express his belief in the need to foster an environment where we can increase yields while improving economic sustainability and new opportunities for American farmers, ranchers, and foresters. As Congress and the administration develop a framework to promote farmer, rancher and forester participation in combatting climate change, he urges avoiding policies that would distort planting decisions or markets.