Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Yesterday, I visited with KUAR in Little Rock about The Jobs Through Growth Act, a combination of initiatives that will spur job creation and lift the fog of uncertainty that is preventing an economic recovery in the private sector.

The story also touches on my concerns about the President's proposal, which so far has failed to garner enough support to pass a Senate controlled by his own party.  One of the reasons people are rejecting it is that the plan penalizes fiscally responsible states, like Arkansas, by using federal funds to bailout states that have not made the tough decisions to get their fiscal houses in order. 

Every state should be able to manage its budget in a fiscally responsible manner and the federal government must as well.  We cannot continue to spend money on public sector jobs that disappear as soon as the federal funds run out.  That is exactly what happened with President Obama’s first “Stimulus”, and his new plan is more of the same.

The Jobs Through Growth Act focuses on creating jobs in the private sector.  A prosperous private sector will foster long-term economic growth in our communities, instead of the very temporary reprieve that federal bailouts provide.

Read the KUAR story here.