Dr. Boozman's Check-up

1,000 Days...

Jan 24 2012

Tonight, President Obama will come before Congress and deliver his annual State of the Union address to the American people.  There is no doubt he will spend a considerable amount of time chastising Congress for what he feels is its “inaction” on his priorities.  Unfortunately, he will likely direct his frustrations at the wrong chamber. 

It is an eerie coincidence that the President’s State of the Union speech falls on the 1,000th day since Majority Leader Reid’s caucus has passed a budget, but a coincidence that can serve as a reminder to the American people about who is failing to heed their calls to get our spending in order.  Instead of lecturing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, President Obama should press the Senate Majority on its inability to pass a budget.  After all, “fiscal responsibility” is one of the President’s priorities, at least according to the White House website. 

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board today reminded the President that members of his own party are holding up his supposed priorities.  Moreover, they are shirking their responsibilities to the American people by refusing to produce a blueprint for the nation’s spending.  Instead of making any tough decisions about where spending is truly necessary, Senate Majority Leader Reid and his caucus have continued to run up our national debt to record levels while forcing America to accept what they pass in last-minute bills to avoid a government shutdown.  This is not how anyone serious about addressing excessive federal spending operates.

The President can show that he is serious about getting our fiscal house in order by calling on the Senate Majority to pass a budget.  It is a good opportunity for him to offer more than lip service on the issue by pressing his own allies in Congress to act.  However, it is unlikely that will happen considering he will be late with his own proposal this year

What is more likely is that President Obama will once again blame House Republicans, the only legislators who produced a budget that passed.  It is the only budget that has received support since his inaugural address to Congress.  Mr. President, it is time to stop blaming those who are offering solutions and direct your attention to those who have failed to act—the Senate Majority.