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U.S. Senator John Boozman, a strong proponent of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, supported meaningful spending restrictions today as the Senate voted on two competing versions of a Balanced Budget Amendment. 

Boozman, a cosponsor of S.J. Res 10 supported this Balanced Budget Amendment on the Senate floor. 

“This is a common sense solution to our long-term problems. We are running record deficits and are at risk of losing our triple-A credit rating. It is clear this irresponsible spending must end. The quick fixes and short-term proposals of the past fail to address our continuing fiscal troubles. This is the first step to putting us on the path of fiscal responsibility and reining in spending while giving American people a voice in their economy,” Boozman said. 

Boozman voted against a competing version offered by the Majority that allows Congress to easily circumvent any constitutional restrictions and avoid spending discipline.  

“We borrow more than 37 cents of every dollar we spend. It is clear that Congress fails to balance the budget voluntarily. We need a mechanism that forces Washington to make the tough decisions. The only way will we modify how federal dollars are allocated. The Majority’s version lacks taxpayer protection. This is not the meaningful reform the American people need or want,” Boozman said. 

Both versions of the Balanced Budget Amendment failed.