Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Our manufacturing and energy sectors are not the only industries that are feeling crushed under the weight of regulations proposed by the Obama Administration.  You may be surprised to learn that our farmers are getting hit hard as well.

The Senate Republican Policy Committee has done an excellent job compiling the most egregious regulations aimed at our farmers

As far as President Obama is concerned, nothing on the farm is off limits for the government.  Everything from dust to animal feed to farm equipment has been in the Obama Administration’s regulatory sights.

At every turn, the Obama Administration has sought to expand the federal government’s reach into the family farm.  For instance, the President has pushed for unprecedented expansion of the Clean Water Act that would make it nearly impossible for farmers to make a living.  The proposal to delete just one word—'navigable'—from the original law would make nearly every puddle of water subject to federal regulation.   It is an unprecedented overreach that must not be forced upon our farming communities.

So intrusive are these proposed regulations, that up until a few months ago, the Obama Administration even wanted to oversee work performed by youths on their families’ farm.  The outcry from rural America led the Administration to ditch this onerous proposed rule.  There was no commonsense, science or reason behind this proposal and it was seemingly written by bureaucrats who lack a full understanding of farm operations.  This proposed rule was merely another attempt by the federal government to control every aspect of our lives.

Taken individually, each of these proposed regulations would seriously harm the ability of Arkansas’ family farmers to compete in a global market.   As a whole, they will have devastating effect on our state’s top industry, our agriculture sector.

Read Regulation Nation: How Big Government is Stalling the Recovery to see how President’s Obama’s overregulation is hurting our economy and how we are working to put a stop to it.