Dr. Boozman's Check-up

You may have heard our conversations with KASU in Jonesboro and KBJT in Fordyce on your way to work this morning. If you missed the interviews you can listen to them on the attachments below. We talked about a wide variety of topics including the Farm Bill, Iran Sanctions that the Senate approved earlier this week and budget proposals that were voted on last week.

Related Files

  • KBJT -May 2012 - KBJT.mp3 (11.9 MBs)
    Senator Boozman discussed a variety of topics with Paul Coates of KBJT in Fordyce.
  • KASU May 2012 - KASU.mp3 (7.3 MBs)
    Senator Boozman discussed some of the latest legislation the Senate is working on with KASU's Mark Smith.