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Boozman Votes for VA Reform Bill

Gives veterans the ability to seek care outside VA system if they meet delays, authorizes the hiring of more doctors and nurses & allows VA to fire senior officials

Jul 31 2014

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) reaffirmed his commitment to ensure veterans receive the high quality services they earned by supporting legislation to address the wait time crisis within the Department of Veterans (VA) health care system. 

“We must provide the timely, quality health care our veterans have earned and restore faith in the VA health system and that begins with accountability and following through with our promises,” Boozman said. “The long wait times for medical care, and the data manipulation some VA employees have engaged in to hide the problem, is absolutely unacceptable. This bill is a good step toward ensuring our veterans have access to VA’s high quality health care services and toward ending the culture of complacency within the department that has led to this crisis.” 

Highlights of H.R. 3230 include:

  • Allows veterans to see non-VA providers if VA’s wait time goals cannot be met or if the veteran lives 40 miles or more from facility; 
  • Authorizes additional funds for VA to hire more doctors and nurses;
  • Gives the VA secretary authority to fire senior employees accused of mismanagement.