How We Can Help: Testimonials From Arkansans

How We Can Help: Testimonials From Arkansans

I am proud of the work my staff and I are able to do to help Arkansans who have run into roadblocks with government agencies. I have a great team with years of experience navigating the complex bureaucracy and getting answers that Arkansans are waiting for. We’ve been able to help thousands of people facing a wide range of problems involving federal government agencies including the Veterans Administration, Social Security, Medicare, international adoption, visas and taxes.

While constituent service work often gets little attention, it makes a real difference in the lives of people across the state. Our door is always open and we’re ready to offer our assistance.

Read some more constituent testimonials below. In highlighting these stories, I hope that if you have similar problems you’ll turn to my office for assistance. My staff and I are ready to help you.


Without knowing the outcome, you have saved me from losing my home.

Last year I wrote you asking for help with poor treatment I was receiving from my financial institution regarding my need for a home loan modification due to the untimely death of my wife and then the loss of my mother and father following shortly after.

You explained that while you could not intervene directly, you explained to me that your office would contact the bank and request that your office be copied on all transactions between them and myself.

One week after the bank received your office letter I was contacted directly by the secretary to the president of the bank. This person informed me that she would be handling my mortgage modification from this point forward and apologized for the 2-1/2 years of giving me the run-around and eventually denying each of seven applications for a mortgage modification during this time.

It took another ten months for the bank to actually approve and finalize a modification for me but the bottom line is, they did it. I am able to keep my home at a reduced payment and have faithfully paid each payment on time since the new loan started.

When I first wrote you my home was in foreclosure. Because you stepped in I have been allowed to keep my home. I can't thank you and your office enough for helping me.

Robert Eby


Thank you so much for all your help your staff and office gave me. Two years ago I started applying for a visa for my wife and had all kind of problems. I called your office and your office responded very quickly a year later she has made it here in the U.S.A. I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me with a task I couldn't do by myself. 

Shannon Smith

Sidney, Arkansas


Thank you, and your staff for your help with the VA. I was contacted today by the Fayetteville VA and by Branson VA concerning my situation at the VA. I can only tell you sir that the VA has contacted me and confirmed I'm on the Agent Orange Registry and my new glasses will be arriving soon. Also, that I will be going back to the VA for my medical care in Branson with a new doctor. 

The VA has made me feel like a United States Veteran of Military Service once again. 

Michael J. Walkerwicz
United States Navy Veteran


On behalf of the citizens of Walnut Ridge, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Senator Boozman and the members of his staff, for the work to get the military fuel contract waiver for Walnut Ridge. As the second largest airport in Arkansas and a as a self-supporting airport, saving the military fuel contract is more important than most in our area might understand.

Mayor Charles Snapp
Walnut Ridge

KAIT aired this story about the Walnut Ridge fuel contract.


I just wanted to stop and take a moment to say a sincere thank you from my heart. SSI called me today and I am very hopeful that we can get expedited on my husband Kenny's disability claim. We couldn't have done it without you and Sarah, so thank you so very much, it actually means a lot that someone actually cares about the people in Arkansas.

Vicki Bowen


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for helping my wife and I get our income tax refund for 2013 back. We finally got it back either on Dec 31, 2013 or January 2, 2014. It was delayed all over a simple clerical error and terribly mishandled by the IRS. We are very grateful.

Harold and Carolyn Abrams


I want to thank you for helping me get my survivor benefits. I really do not think I would have ever gotten them started without your help. I appreciate the time and trouble you went to help me. I received some of the back pay last week and was told to cash the check I had already received. My monthly checks are supposed to start this week.

Patricia Richmond


In 2014, Mr. Evans was receiving treatment for throat cancer. Following a surgery, his Medicare provider wouldn’t provide the necessary medical attention, including chemotherapy, because of problems with the insurance company assigning a new primary care physician. Senator Boozman’s office was able to resolve the problem with Medicare to help Mr. Evans continue his treatments.


Teri was concerned about her the security of her husband’s employment and afraid that her family would have to rely on one income. She reached out to Senator Boozman’s office after having pursued a Social Security Disability claim for two years.  With the help of the Senator’s office, Teri was awarded SSD benefits and about $4,000 in back pay.  She was issued her first SSD benefits in May 2013.


Mr. and Mrs. Malone are proud parents of a baby girl they adopted from China. When they brought her to the United States they realized the name on her birth certificate was misspelled making it impossible to get her a Social Security number.  The family contacted Senator Boozman’s office who was able to locate the case and expedite the case from 6 months to 15 days.


In 2013, Benita, a veteran’s wife, requested assistance in finding her first husband’s service records.  Senator Boozman’s office located the records at a repository in Lee’s Summit, Missouri allowing Benita to apply for survivor benefits.


Carl called Senator Boozman’s office in 2013 after he was told by unemployment office that even though they paid him benefits, he did not actually qualify and he would have to pay them back. He was confused as to why he was being forced to pay back $19,000, especially since they gave him two extensions on his benefits. After the senator’s office contacted the unemployment office, it was determined that the notices were sent to him in error and he would not have to pay back the money.


Sharp County WWII veterans Richard Manning and George McCants never received the medals they earned during their service in the Army. Senator Boozman’s office was able to get the medals and presented them to the veterans as described in this news story.


Thomas Hotz, a WWII who served in the Pacific was honorably discharged from the Army after suffering a series of diseases. He didn’t collect the medals he earned for his service until 2012 when Senator Boozman’s office surprised him with a medal presentation.

The Russellville Courier reported:

Hotz, who entered the room with no expectations Friday, was all smiles after being surprised by the medals.

“There’s a lot to military life that’s not pleasant, but this makes up for it,” he said.


The Marrs family adopted a little girl, Sylvie, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In 2013, the country put a hold on all adoptions and Sylvie’s adoption process wasn’t able to be finalized. In February 2014, the Marrs family reached out to Senator Boozman’s office for help. Senator Boozman joined efforts to bring Sylvie and other children, to the U.S. through letters to the President and Prime Minister of the DRC urging exit permits for adopted children with health issues. Senator Boozman’s office wrote a letter to the Embassy and requested that Sylvie’s case be given the same treatment as those who hadn’t received their visa. We helped get the Embassy the proper paperwork and documents so the DRC could issue Sylvie’s exit permit which was issued the first week of July.

A local news crew was there when Sylvie came home to Arkansas.