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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) called on Armed Services Committee Leadership in the House and Senate to fully restore misguided military retirement cuts that were included in the Bipartisan Budget Act.

In a letter sent to the Chairmen and the Ranking Members of the committees, Boozman said the law violates the sacred promise that was made to our servciemembers.

“I see this as the equivalent of reaching into these individuals’ retirement accounts and taking that money from them, which is unconscionable,” Boozman wrote.

Boozman voted against the budget agreement because it forces our military retirees to bear the burden of cuts through a reduction of their cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA). The agreement decreases the COLA for retired servicemembers under the age of 62.

The Senate took a step at correcting this injustice with the Boozman-supported omnibus that reversed the COLA cuts for medically retired disabled veterans and those collecting survivor annuities. 

“Arkansans want Congress to fully restore military retiree benefits as soon as possible, and I am committed to raising this priority at every possible opportunity until justice is realized for these military families.  This should be done at the earliest opportunity, and not left for any particular legislative vehicle while retirees are left with uncertainty in their financial future,” Boozman wrote in the letter. 

Boozman is a cosponsor of  S. 1869, the “Keeping Our Promise to Our Military Heroes Act,” which would fully restore military pay for all retirees, as well as a cosponsor of S. Res. 323, a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on the need to restore military retirement pay.  

Click below to read the letter in its entirety.

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