Dr. Boozman's Check-up

Arkansas hospitals and other healthcare providers are facing hurdles to getting reimbursed from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) after providing medical care for veterans. 

I’ve heard concerns from more than 60 health facilities around Arkansas about billing and payment issues with VA. Some claims have been pending for years. 

As the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports “The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs owes Arkansas health care facilities approximately $24 million for care they've given to VA patients, according to the Arkansas Hospital Association.” 

I’m concerned that the reimbursement times will have a negative impact on veterans healthcare. Working together to resolve billing and payment matters will ensure our veterans receive the healthcare they earned and our health facilities get the payments they are owed. 

On Wednesday, my office hosted an event with Arkansas healthcare providers and VA officials from Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN 16) in Flowood, Mississippi, and the Veterans Health Administration Chief Business Office, Purchased Care in Denver, Colorado, to address issues that can influence the time it takes for reimbursement to Arkansas healthcare facilities including processing and coding. 

Learn more about this issue and the meeting:

 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “$24M in claims still unpaid, Arkansas hospitals tell VA” (subscription required) 

Arkansas Business Journal “John Boozman’s Staff Talks Reimbursement with Health Providers”



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