Press Releases

WASHINGTON –After months of inspections and reviews, U.S. Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman announced that Saline County will receive $1.1 million in reimbursement funds from FEMA for debris removal costs incurred after the county was hit with a severe winter storm on Christmas Day in 2012.

“Saline County did everything it was supposed to do, but was still getting the run-around from FEMA,” Pryor said. “Fighting for these funds was the right thing to do. I’m glad Senator Boozman and I were able to tag-team FEMA to ensure Saline County received the resources they needed to complete these critical repairs.”

"We were happy to help cut through the red tape in order to provide Saline County with the FEMA funding it deserves," Boozman said. "This will allow the county to continue its great service to its citizens and move forward with its plans for the future."

These funds were delayed in getting to Saline County due to an error in FEMA processing. When it was determined that the cleanup would require additional funding, Saline County completed the necessary paperwork, but ran into roadblocks in the review process—forcing them to put numerous infrastructure projects on hold. Over the past few months, Pryor and Boozman have worked with county officials to move the process forward and secure the needed funds.